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Healing with Food

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Let your food choices positively change your life.

Wellness Counseling

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Niki Yoga

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Food Sensitivity 

Lactose intolerance

80% of the population are affected by food sensitivities – are you?

What My Client’s Say

I began sessions with Niki more than 3 years ago, and after loosing close to 100 pounds initially, I have not only maintained but continued to work on lowering my body fat and becoming more fit.
Niki has been fantastic at giving me direction and encouragement all along my journey, continuing to discuss healthy eating, fitness, and general health. She is not presenting you with a fad diet, or the latest craze weight loss program; Niki helps you understand what happens when you eat what you eat, and how changing what you fuel your body with can improve your whole life.  My life has really changed, through exercise of my choice going hand in hand with Niki’s nutritional guidance.  I look forward to our weekly sessions because they keep me focused on still improving my overall health and fitness.  I really can NOT recommend her highly enough.  If you are beginning, just keep in mind the only 2 things you really need for success are patience and consistency.  You can do it.  I did.  Thanks to Niki.
Dan G.
Niki has changed my life! I have not only learned about proper nutrition, but I have learned self-care to not beat myself up when I indulge.  She makes herself very available, always providing great feedback, encouragement and continuous support!  Moreover, I know that this process and journey is one that I can follow for years to come based on the changes she has taught me (and I can still enjoy my chocolate and wine!) Thank you Niki, I am forever grateful.
Silvia V.
I was referred to Niki by my cardiologist because she had helped some of his other patients.
I liked her approach because she wanted to know what my personal goals were and if they would be attainable. After doing a full assessment, she put together a plan for me that I could stay with and follow easily and coupled with her monitoring, I’ve been able to stay on track and the results have been fantastic. I also incorporated a workout routine as part of my program. The best part has been that I no longer look at what I’ve done as a type of weight loss program but a life style change.
Peter P.
I have just completed my very first 5K with my very own personal record of 29 minutes.  Thank you so much for inspiring me into becoming a better person.  I dedicated this run to you!  July 2013
Brenda G.